Thursday, January 13, 2011

SharePoint Server 2010 Farm Service Account - Logon as a service - SharePoint Services Timer V4

One of the requirements of SharePoint Server 2010 to build a Farm is to create a service account "Farm Service Account".

So I will describe it as person to make sure your environment run smoothly.
  1. He is as Normal user (domain user not domain admin user)
  2. This user Belong to the following SQL Roles
    1. Public
    2. Securityadmin
    3. Dbcreator
  3. Belong to Local administrators group of SharePoint servers
  4. Belong to the following local security groups:
    1.  IIS_IUSRS
    2. Performance Log Users
    3. Performance Monitor Users
    6. WSS_WPG
Note: this person will add to these groups during SharePoint Configuration Wizard but also make sure he is included in these groups.

5. Belong to the following Local Security Policy >> User Rights Assignments:
  1. Adjust memory quotas for a process
  2. b. Logon as a service (very important)
  3. c. Replace a process level token
6. This user will run the following windows services:
  1. SharePoint Services Timer V4 (very important)
  2. SharePoint Services User Code Host V4
7. This user will be used to run the application pool for Central Administration and Security Token Service.

Now couple of times I have faced this problem which is:

For example you have in your environment 2 front-end servers and when I create web application from central administration from Server A, the problem that the web application will not automatically provisioning or replicated to server B. I mean In Server B ,for example if you go to IIS you will not find the Application pool and if you go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories folder you will not find Application folder so any action occurred in Server A not copied or mirrored to Server B.

So the problem is from SharePoint Services Timer V4 which it's job to provision any modifications or updates happen in Server A to other servers because as Microsoft said "Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 uses the Windows SharePoint Services Timer V4 (SPTimerV4) service to run most system tasks" so I found this service stopped. Why? So I try to start it again then I got this error

By the way no one reset the password of the Farm service account but I think because this service account not added to Logon as a service local policy.
So I have to go to properties of SharePoint Services Timer V4 >> Log On tab and update the password with the Old password then run the service and the problem of provision gone.

Finally make sure this user added to Logon as a service and SharePoint Services Timer V4 is running.

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