Saturday, July 27, 2013

Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (KB2687453)

Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 contains new updates which improve security, performance, and stability. Additionally, the SP is a roll-up of all previously released updates.

Download it from this link

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sign in as Different User - Redirect to /_layouts/accessdenied.aspx Page in SharePoint 2010

I have a web application was a classic authentication mode and then by script we converted it to Claim authentication by the below powershell :

$web = Get-SPWebApplication "http://YourSiteURL"
$web.UseClaimsAuthentication = 1;

but when I tried to Sign in as Different User , It's always redirect me to  /_layouts/accessdenied.aspx page.

So to fix this issue ( I don't know the reason but I think It's bug ) (My Farm Updated with SP 1 and  Feb CU 2013)

  1. Delete web application from Central administration (Just IIS web site and keep and content database)
  2. Create new Web application with Claim Authentication mode 
  3. Attach the content database with this new Web application

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Send Email via Telnet

Sometimes you need to configure SharePoint to send or receive emails so to test the configuration of sending email with Exchange or SMTP you can use Telnet commands as following:
First Install Telnet client from Server Manager >> Features
Now open command line and run this line :

telnet 10.0.056 25

IP for SMTP or Exchanage
Port : 25

Note: if you get connection failed then this means the port is closed.
then run this command :


then run this command:


then run this command:


then run this command:


and last is :

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

IIS 8 Tips

I have read a nice book called "Professional IIS 8" and these some of the tips I found them useful to posted here and sometimes these tips will help the SharePoint Administrator or Developer.
Note: Some of these tips apply to previous version of IIS ( 6 , 7 or 7.5).

  1. You can use appcmd or power shell as command utilities for automation or using managed code like C#.
  2. SSL Certificate no longer need to bound to an IP address. SNI allows an IIS 8 to host multiple SSL sites and certificates on a single IP address.
  3. IISLogs external tool whcih help you to mange the logs on schedule basis.
  4. IIS can host different application like Asp , and PHP.
  5. You can install IIS 8 Express on windows 7 for development purpose with Visual Studio 2012 (no IIS Manager ).
  6. Microsoft Web Capacity Analysis tool (WCAT) to test a load on web servers.
  7. IIS 8's Request Tracing utility can be used for testing performance and diagnostic the errors.
  8. MaxConcurrentRequestsPerCpu setting can enhance or optimze the performance
  9. By default IIS 8 installed with 4.5 and you can install and run .Net 3.5.
  10. You can upgrade from IIS 7 to II 8 and same sites with same configuration can run.
  11. You can manage IIS 8 remotely over HTTPS using Web Management Service (WMSVC).
  12. Local Administrators can manage IIS but by using Delegation feature you can allow none administrators to manage websites or applications.
  13. You can extend IIS Manager using managed code or native code.
  14. You can set configuration at sub folder or file level using Location tag in configuration file
  15. IIS 8 support different types of logs like IIS , W3C (widely used) and NCSA and you need a tool to parse them like logparser (you need to consider the time zone and reverse proxy infrastructure).
  16. It's recommended to enable compression to save bandwidth usage
  17. If MIME type is not defined then the browser will return 404.3 error.
  18. To stop IIS run the following command : net stop iisadmin /y or stop these services (World wide web publishing , SMTP and FTP publishing).
  19. Application initialization module (in IIS 7.5 called application warm up) to prime the application before receiving HTTP requests from the end users.
  20. Recycle process does not immediately stop the w3wp process , instead it create new process and then move the requests there.
  21. Web Gardens is an application pool that is serviced by more than one worker process simultaneously (Created on Demand). It's useful in situations where :
    1. High number of concurrent connections.
    2. No application Session state.
    3. Not be CPU -intensive.
  22. Classic mode pipeline for compatibility.
  23. In IIS 8 you can view the running w3wp process in IIS Manager and running page requests ( good to check the slow running page).
  24. Application pool use configuration isolation concept by stored temprorary files from the global configuration (needed settings) in this folder (\inetpub\temp\appPools).
  25. You can change bitness mode to 32 or 64 bit at application pool level.
  26. You can configure SSL with FTP in IIS 8 (FTPS) and you can use host headers.
  27. You can apply filtering to FTP by File extension or restricted domain or IPs.
  28. You can use .Net Accounts with FTP.
  29. IIS 7 and above ship with more than 40 modules and you can create your custom module.
  30. Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) will respond to requests other than HTTP such as TCP and MSMQ. (One of the feature of WCF).
  31. Dynamic IP Restrictions to block malicious web requests designed to infiltrate your web server and you can show access denied page or page not found.
  32. Placing servers in DMZ or internally or even at hosting company based on two factors : first the function of the server and second who needs access.
  33. To enable or disable session state for go to Pages and Controls section under in IIS.
  34. You can load only the required modules and this will increase the server and site performance 
    1. At web server level , you need to modify applicationhost.config file so for example to render only static Html page
    2. <modules>
      <add name="DefaultDocumentModule" />
      <add name="StaticFileModule" />
      <add name="AnonymousAuthenticationModule" />
    3. At web site level , you need to modify the web.config file
  35. Using IP and Domain Restrictions allows you to selectively permit or deny access to the web server , web sites , folders and files.
  36. Request Filtering provides a configurable set of rules that enables you to determine which types of request should be allowed or rejected (URLscan module).
  37. URL authorization is a feature that can be used to permit or deny access to resources by rules in data sources like (databases or XML).
  38. Backup and Restore IIS settings and configurations
  39. URL Rewrite module can 
    1. Redirect URL
    2. Rewrite URL
    3. Set custom HTTP Response
    4. Abort Request
    5. None
  40. Application Request Routing (ARR) (IIS like Load Balance).
  41. Monitoring tools
    1. Server Manager in Windows Server 2012
    2. Task Manager
    3. Windows Performance Monitor
    4. Resource Monitor
    5. Resource and Performance Monitor
  42. What to Monitor ?
    1. Memory Usage
    2. Process Utilization
    3. Disk I/O
    4. Network Bandwidth
    5. Web Service Counters
    6. Asp.Net Counters
    7. Logs (IIS Logs , Event Viewer logs and application logs)
  43. Website Optimizations
    1. HTTP keep-Alive
    2. Content Expiration
    3. Bandwidth throttling
    4. Output Caching
    5. HTTP compression
    6. Website connections
  44. WFetch is a tool which listen to all web traffic and see everything included in the communication between IIS and web client including request , response ,headers ,body,...
  45. Web Socket

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 first search slow

I have an issue in my new farm that first search is very slow so I have tried the fix by Microsoft [Option 1] and it was perfect.
[Even this will speed up your SharePoint site]

Check this link